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About Us

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Bold Servicing offers high-quality pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the east coast. We are experts in targeting pests commonly found, such as ants, spiders, wasps, mosquitos, ticks, and rodents. We are committed to using the safest pest control products available in the industry, including those that are FDA-approved for use in schools, hospitals, kennels, and daycare facilities. You can feel good about the products we use in your home, even if you have small children or pets.

To get information and a free estimate for child and pet-safe pest control, contact us or call 844-572-0628.

What’s Bugging You?

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  • Peace of mind
  • Pest-free home
  • Convenient

Guaranteed Pest Control

We stand behind our work; and we tackle tough pest problems - big or small! Our Bold Guarantee means that if you’re still experiencing pest activity, we keep coming back. No added service fees and no waiting weeks for service. We will continue to find solutions to keep your home pest free. The best defense against pest problems is seasonal maintenance, which is why the Bold Guarantee is built into all of our seasonal maintenance programs.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We're a small business committed to excelling in pest control and the customer experience.
  • Technicians are fully trained and licensed to apply pest treatments safely and effectively to your home or business.
  • Products used in and around your home or business are properly mixed and applied to ensure effectiveness, and most importantly, your family's safety!
  • Emergency retreatments are truly unlimited and scheduled promptly. No waiting 3 weeks for a technician to show up for an ant problem.
  • Our customer experience team provides exceptional service and attention to detail.


  • Can I get rid of pests in my home?

    While there are many at-home options for pest control, you can certainly try; nothing compares to the expertise and knowledge that our team offers. Our team of experts understands how to identify, locate, and treat common and complex pest problems. Pests can be potentially dangerous and damaging, which is why most homeowners leave them to the experts!

  • Are the pest control services safe for my children and pets?

    Your safety is our top priority…the second is getting rid of pests! All of the products used in and around your home are pet and child-safe pest control products, that are rated for usage in schools, hospitals, daycares, and kennels.

  • How quickly will I notice the results?

    For most treatments, you won’t see the full effect until 10-14 days after it has been performed. If pest activity continues after treatment, contact our customer experience team to discuss solutions to eliminate your pest problems.

  • Can pests be dangerous?

    Yes! Not all pests are dangerous. Ants and Stink bugs, for example, tend to be nuisance pests but cause very little harm to you. However, common household pests like spiders and wasps are potentially dangerous, even life-threatening depending on the species and your allergies. Other dangerous pests include cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes, and ticks which are all known for carrying diseases.

Top Rated Pest Control

“I first started using Bold Servicing when they started to build clients in my area of Pasco and was doing door-to-door. I used them for a year then stopped and started using them again this year. They were able to locate my old account and reactivate it and start services right away. Always friendly and on time had the inside of my house done for the first time and Richard made sure to get every place.”

- Desiree D.

“Fantastic technician came out to make sure that we were completely covered.”

- Jason S.

“Great experience with the company, great customer service. Seen a significant decrease in palmetto bugs in the house which I'm very grateful for. Thank you!”

- Nadya O.

“We live in Gardnerville and have been overrun by tiny ants lately. Amanda and Eric came out and were excellent! They explained what they were going to do and why. They took time afterward to answer all our remaining questions. 2 days after the treatment we saw 1 ant and 1 spider in the house and none since. We are very pleased and we signed up for year-round pest control.”

- Susie A.

“Worth every penny. Anything that happens in the home, they come right out and take care of it.”

- Julie C.

Pest Control Services We Offer

No pest too big or too small!